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Who is GI Energy?

GI Energy is one of Australia’s longest serving and most wellrespected energy reduction companies with over 11 years trading history. We were the 47th company in Australia to become an Approved Clean Energy Council Retailer and our success over the years has come down to making sure customers always come first. We employ electrical engineers and CEC Accredited Designers alongside our experienced management team to ensure every system we install operates at the absolute best possible efficiency. Spectrum Electrical understands energy costs are rising, wanting to be a part of a brighter future they have partnered with us here at GI Energy, to ensure we provide their customers with the same high-level service in a renewable energy aspect.

WHY GI Energy?

European designed and built • Wi-Fi for live monitoring & alerts • Australian HQ - Support & Warranty • Hybrid inverter manufacturer • Designed and built in China • Over 20 years industry experience • Australian HQ – Support & Warranty • Battery manufacturer • Tier 1 – German designed; Korean made • Alice Springs DKA tested • Australian HQ – Support & Warranty • Hail and cyclone tested • 100% depth of discharge • Seamless backup power • Interactive app & monitoring