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Top 5 Common Electrical Mistakes Which Will Ruin Your Appliances

Posted 27 Jun '22

1.)    Misuse of power boards

Peek behind the television cabinet and it’s possible that it resembles a bowl of spaghetti! A complete mess of extension cords and power boards for the television, sound systems, Playstation, Xbox, lamps and more.

While it may be tempting to piggyback power boards on top of each other, it can be extremely dangerous; it's easy to overload a power board which can cause electrical shorting. This electrical shorting can cause your electronics to short circuit and fail (and in the worst case scenario, cause a fire).

Avoid the risk to your appliances and only use one power board at a time for one power outlet.

2.)    Bending, stretching or using worn-down cords

Overstretching or bending an appliance cord can create wear and tear on the cord. In old, worn-out cords or those repeatedly bent in the same spots, the insulation around the wires can damage. It is this insulation that protects us from the powerful voltages that stream through the cord. If anyone comes into contact with damaged wiring, they could suffer an electrical shock. This is especially dangerous in homes with faulty RCDs (residual current devices) installed; even a weak shock from damaged wiring can cause serious injuries or even death.

To avoid damaging the protective insulation on your electrical appliance cords, simply ensure that they are not bent or over-stretched when plugged into the power outlet.

3.)    Plugging one extension cord into another

Connecting multiple extension cords together is a tempting solution for appliances that are far from power outlets. Unfortunately ‘piggy-backing’ extension cords can create a fire hazard in your home.

If your appliances are unable to reach a power outlet with just one extension cord, there is an easy solution: contact your local electrician to have an additional power outlet installed.

4.)    Not servicing your appliances

To keep your electrical appliances working efficiently and to extend their lives, it's important to get them serviced regularly. Servicing can help you get the most out of your appliances and prevent unnecessary damage. For example, servicing your air conditioner units can help you maintain their refrigerant levels, safeguard them against power surges, reduce energy consumption and guarantee that they are running at maximum performance.

5.)    Not addressing electrical issues indicators immediately

Do you have a lamp that flickers every now and then? Or perhaps a phone charger that overheats during the night? These are signs that something unsafe is happening with either your electrical appliances or your power outlet. In any case, don’t wait for the problem to get worse! Get in touch with an electrician as soon as possible to assess your power outlets and appliances.

Common electrical mistakes can not only cost you money, but they can be dangerous. If you have any type of electrical project that needs attention in your home, call Spectrum Electrical on
(07) 3806 0699.

Our fully qualified licensed electricians are very experienced and well equipped to solve all your electrical problems, no matter how large or small.

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Winter Safety Tips!

Winter Safety Tips!

A few winter safety tips below:
1. Have your AC cleaned ready to keep your heating efficient
2. Check your safety switches are functional and your appliances are protected (Especially where a heater will be plugged in).
3. Install exhaust fans in bathrooms to remove the excess steam after a hot shower to avoid excess mould build up. 
4. Check your power boards are not overloaded and plug directly into power points where possible.
5. Please contact us if you need anymore information or some assistance.

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Our team performed once again and delivered as requested. We have to say " We were on Fire "