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Update your smoke alarms this month with Spectrum Electrical

Due to the many changes made in smoke alarm laws in January 2017, many people may be caught out - read our detailed post to know when you need to upgrade and check out our installation special for February! Read More

How much electricity are you using? When is it being used? What is the maximum load being used and when? Is your power supply reliable and within limits?
We can help! And it may be cheaper than you think!

These two-wheeled ‘gift’s are burning up, and I don’t just mean in sales, I mean they are literally burning up and catching on fire! They have caused numerous house fires, caught a light in a shopping centre and even burst into flames while people have been riding them. So what’s the problem? How can we solve it?

In reference to the ACCC’s Recall of Infinity cable and can advise that: –
We have not purchased nor installed any Infinity cable on any site on which we have worked on!

Small enough to care, big enough to be there!

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