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Food Van Wiring ( Of Course we can! )

Posted 27 May '21

Can we wire up a food van or what!

We were contacted by Smokenfire to help them out in wiring up a new Food van. Short timeframe ( 3 Days from initial call to completed ) and budget needed to be met. 
Our team performed once again and delivered as requested. We have to say " We were on Fire " 

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It’s no secret that household appliances are some of the most expensive items in our homes. Our electrical appliances make life easy and they are an essential part of our daily lives, so it makes sense to look after them – not only to ensure maximum longevity - but to also prevent avoidable safety incidents.

Despite modern electrical appliances being made with built-in safety devices, they still require maintenance and to be treated appropriately to ensure they remain safe.

By avoiding common at-home electrical appliance pitfalls, you can protect your valuable appliances from being damaged as well as avoid unnecessary electrical hazards.

Winter Safety Tips!

Winter Safety Tips!

A few winter safety tips below:
1. Have your AC cleaned ready to keep your heating efficient
2. Check your safety switches are functional and your appliances are protected (Especially where a heater will be plugged in).
3. Install exhaust fans in bathrooms to remove the excess steam after a hot shower to avoid excess mould build up. 
4. Check your power boards are not overloaded and plug directly into power points where possible.
5. Please contact us if you need anymore information or some assistance.

Air-conditioning Service

Air-conditioning Service

Summer is over! We hope everyone had a great time. We know from everyones electricity bills that the Air-conditioning got a big workout!

We also know that if you have your air-con unit running throughout summer, it can build up dust, mildew and nasties that are then circulated around your home.

That’s why we recommend having your air conditioning units serviced after the summer heat.

Keeping your units serviced regularly helps to:

  • Protect your health - by reducing the harmful airborne particles that build up over time
  • Save you Money - by cleaning the filters, coils & fins, your unit will stay efficient and save you money on your power bills.
Help your unit last longer - just like any machine that needs servicing, regular cleans and check-ups will increase the lifespan of the unit