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Spectrum now has stock of the new Brilliant range of Smart Lamps, Lights, Switches and more! Most of these products can be self installed. Any alterations to wiring or installation of switches & outlets must be completed by a licensed electrical contractor and we are always here to help! Check out our online store for the full range of available products with more to be added soon.

With great warranty, very affordable pricing and a variety of options, it's now easier and cheaper than ever to control your lights, power points and monitor your home!
Contact us on 0738060699 for more information!

How much electricity are you using? When is it being used? What is the maximum load being used and when? Is your power supply reliable and within limits?
We can help! And it may be cheaper than you think!

In reference to the ACCC’s Recall of Infinity cable and can advise that: –
We have not purchased nor installed any Infinity cable on any site on which we have worked on!


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