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Are you a real estate agent looking for a trustworthy electrician for your tenants? A company who will take the time to organise and deal directly with the tenants of the property to save you the hassle? Or needing a home to be ready for buy and sell? 

Spectrum electrical does just that. We are a reliable electrical and data company, with over 30 years experience. We believe with our competitive and upfront pricing we would be an asset to any company, Spectrum electrical have always striven for impeccable quality work, great communication and customer service, this as a result is why we have such a great relationship with our clientele which we pride ourselves on. 

It is easy to take our reliance on electricity for granted — until something goes wrong. With a trusted resource to call when your tenants need help, you can skip the stress and move straight to a solution. We've set up our team to be as responsive as possible;



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Call us and speak to an technician about your requirements.