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Please check out our online store for a range of standard light fittings that we normally have in stock and can provide at very reasonable cost. We can provide a wider range of lights from any of the suppliers below also at very reasonable costs due to our buying power. 

Lighting is a very personal choice in most instances and everyone has their opinion on what "works".  With this in mind there here are a few things to consider when selecting lights:

1. Are the fittings approved -
Light fittings must be approved before they can be installed

2. What type of Efficiency -
Halogen, Fluroescent or LED, some fittings cannot be installed in certain situations, must meet efficiency laws or are simply wrong choices, please check your final selections with us before installation to ensure you make informed decisions

3. Lamp Life & Color -
Most compact fluroscent lamps (CFLs) and linear fluroscent lamps have a color

Color of lamps can be very important, warmer colors can provide ambiance while the cooler colors are more suited to office or warehouse environments. Halogen lamps use more energy and have a relativly short lifespan in comparison to fluroscents and LED however are much cheaper. LED lamps and fittings can last in excess of 50000hrs when compared to halogens at 3000hrs but are more expensive. With LED technology and demand impacting costs however pricing is reducing in the market place.

4. Installation Environment
If the fitting is to be installed externally or in wet areas, they must meet certain standards (IP rated). Also, if its a harsher environment, aluminium or stainless steel fittings may be required. If you are selecting fittings and are not sure, its always best to check with an electrician to see if the fitting is suitable.


Call us and speak to an technician about your requirements.