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Inspection And Testing

Inspection And Testing

Whether you're buying a home, have any concerns, or have an old home an electrical safety inspection is all ways a good idea, Don't wait for an electrical fault to happen before calling an electrician! Electrical inspections on your homes can prevent electrical faults from happening and give you the peace of mind your home has the right protection if it does. 

Spectrum's electrical inspection covers everything you need to feel safe and protected in your home, 
for just $99 it includes: 

  • Visually inspect the switchboard and general electrical installations
  • Test safety switches (RCDs) for correct operation
  • TestĀ smoke alarms and replaceĀ batteries if required
  • Take Thermal Imaging of switchboard to check for any hot joints or connections
  • Provide a full written report of the findings with any repair recommendations
  • Provide electrical advice on any issues or information you may require


Call us and speak to an technician about your requirements.