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tv and antennas

TV and Antennas

From Antennas, to TV points to mounting your TV's Spectrums technicians have you covered!

TV Point installation
If you're wanting a TV to a new location  Spectrum's technicians have the knowledge and capability to install a new TV point in almost any room for your home or office, allowing you to set up a TV with a good and strong connection in a location of your choice. 

TV Wall Mounting
Mounting your TV can be a tedious and frustrating job, you want to have peace of mind knowing it is stable and done correctly, this is where our technicians can really step in. With our experience and knowledge we make sure your TV is secure, the mount is the correct size for your TV and leave your newly mounted TV is left neat and all those messy cables are tied away

Antenna Installation and Boosters
Unfortunately, due to weather and damage over time TV antennas don't last forever, and if you notice your TV reception is starting to have issues it could be time to replace your Antenna.Our technicians can come out to see what your best option would be to gain better reception, whether this be replacing the antenna or installing a booster in your home to receive a better signal.


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