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We are Your Electrician in Slacks Creek

For both domestic and commercial electrical work, we have an electrician in Slacks Creek and other suburbs of Logan City, who are available to assist you.

Common Mistakes People Make When Using a Slacks Creek Electrician

An essential aspect of every home is the electrical system. At times, things can go wrong. There are some common mistakes people make that they can avoid, saving them from calling out an electrician.

  • This may sound obvious but do check whether your lightbulb did not fail due to normal wear and tear. Another common problem is overlapping. When you insert a bulb with a much higher wattage than, for instance, a lamp can handle, the bulb could not only fuse but melt the wires and damage the lamp. You can avoid such a situation by using the suitable wattage for the device.
  • Don’t try to fix electrical work yourself. If, for example, your lights flicker, you always need to reset the circuit breaker. If your wiring is older than 30 years, there are sparks, and you smell burning or your switches discolour, call an electrician to assist you.
  • Also, don’t overload the circuit by having too many extension cords attached to one plug, or overload an extension with too many appliances which you want to run simultaneously.

Key Questions to Ask Us About a Domestic Electrician in Slacks Creek

Before you hire an electrician, there are some key questions you need to ask. These questions will help you find the right technician to assist you.

  • Ask for references as these can help you gauge the quality of the work you will receive. We have many references to show you, should you wish to consider us − both as domestic- or as commercial electricians in Slacks Creek.
  • Ask anyone on our team of technicians to see their qualifications. We do not employ any staff who aren’t qualified and licensed.
  • Ask for a free estimation based on what your requirements are. Our estimate will indicate the costs, so there will be no surprises for you later on.

Reassure yourself by asking the suggested basic questions. We meet all these requirements.

Why You Should Use Spectrum Electrical & Data

We’ve been in the business for 30 years, accruing valuable experience. However, our qualified and licensed staff members are our true asset. Our electricians love what they do, which translates to a seriously professional service. More so, our family-owned company can offer you a wide range of services which includes call-outs after hours. As we know, electrical problems don’t necessarily occur at any set time. Furthermore, our software programme is of such a high standard that you can rest assured that we will do the work on time, with minimal disturbance to you and your family.
A qualified electrician must conduct all your electrical work. If you avoid common mistakes, you may save yourself the need to call one. However, at times, you will need a service such as ours. Call us for a free estimation. Let us help you to solve your problem safely.


Call us and speak to an technician about your requirements.