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If You Need an Electrician in Loganholme, We Have a Skilled Team Here to Help You

At times, you will need an electrician in Loganholme. As Aussies, we are a nation of incurable DIY enthusiasts. You can certainly change a light bulb without engaging outside help, but all electrical work is guided by the Australian Standard AS/NZS 3000:2007. This standard clearly states that only a registered electrical contractor or a licensed electrician can perform any installations or repair work in your home. However, not all electricians are equal; therefore, you should know who you’re hiring.

What Sets Us Apart Regarding Domestic Electricians in Loganholme?

We are a company with more than two decades of experience, and hundreds of clients who can vouch for our work. Other aspects of our service keep us prominent, especially concerning domestic maintenance and installation work. When you select a company to conduct any electricity work for you, the first thing to gauge is whether the company has a licence. However, we are head and shoulders above our competitors in many other ways.

  • All technicians in our team are qualified and licensed. Without exception, our installations adhere to the standards relating to the Electrical Safety Regulations. Our cabling work complies with the Australian and New Zealand Wiring Standards. To add to that, our services are professional, and we offer competitive pricing.
  • We are a family-owned company that can do it all. For instance, we also provide a wide range of domestic electrical services, from maintenance to alterations, which includes inspections and repair work. We can service your switchboard, testing to check whether your switches are working correctly. Once we have seen to it that all is in order, we can offer you a full report, which would include recommendations and advice.
  • We also test smoke alarms and will change the batteries, if necessary. Besides inspection, we also install lights, including smart light products. We install ceiling fans and ovens, switches, smoke alarms, and air conditioning. Besides maintenance work, we have over 25 years of experience with domestic development installations, ranging from a new home to complexes that include 22 units. At these developments, we offer a full range of services, from lighting and electrical design, to temporary lighting and power for the full extent of the building. We install all light fittings, outlets, switches, phone and data cabling, security systems, and air-conditioning units in the complex.

We assure you of a speedy response by way of a courtesy call. In summary, we offer a full range of services. Others may do likewise, but no one can improve on our quality of service. It is the best in the business.

Related Services We Provide as a Domestic Electrician in Loganholme

We are not limited to domestic service. Below are our other primary services.

  • We provide commercial electricians in Loganholme, where we conduct alterations and supply maintenance of industrial and other business sites. We perform tests on safety switches, and see to lighting repairs and checks, among other services.
  • Also, we are involved with commercial construction projects, such as medical and shopping centres, and industrial sheds.
  • If you are looking for a Loganholme electrician for emergency work, we offer after-hour services. We will come immediately you summon us to your work or home.

Both residential care and industrial site servicing are available after hours.

About Us

Spectrum Electrical & Data, has been in the industry for over 30 years. We service the suburbs of Logan City, central, southern, and eastern Brisbane, as well as the upper Gold Coast, and the suburbs of Redlands. We are proud to offer our quality products to domestic or commercial clients. Our products are supplied and fitted promptly, at a fair and economical price.
Whether you are looking for an electrician to conduct some simple domestic electrical work or you are seeking professional help for larger commercial projects, contact us. We have a reliable and well-qualified team that can assist you.


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