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Akonna St Project Overview

Akonna St Project Overview

See below for electrical marked up plans and scope of works listing items and quantities for this project:

Site Electrical Plans - original plans for installation of works AKONNA-Basement-Community-.pdf (465.2 KB)
AKONNA-Ground-and-Level-1-Community-.pdf (484.7 KB)
AKONNA-Intercom-and-Access-Diagram.pdf (112.7 KB)
AKONNA-Legend-.pdf (288.9 KB)
AKONNA-Level-2-and-Level-3-Community-.pdf (426.8 KB)
AKONNA-Roof-Community-.pdf (410.4 KB)
AKONNA-ST-Units-1-2-3-4-5-6-Power-and-Lights.pdf (691.0 KB)
AKONNA-Unit-7-Power-and-Lights-.pdf (464.8 KB)
Site Electrical Plans - completed work Pending completion of project works
Scope of work JOB-SUMMARY-AKONNA-ST-WYNNUM.pdf (3.2 MB)


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