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Akonna St Installation Information Letter

Akonna St Installation Information Letter

Congratulations on moving into this recently completed dwelling!  Our company, Spectrum Electrical and Data Pty Ltd, has provided electrical products and installation work for this project.

Information related to this project includes:

Project overview – scope of works, electrical plans

Unit information – light fittings used, manuals, warranties, troubleshooting, web shop links for future purchases

Test Records – visual inspection reports, completion photos and videos

Maintenance schedules – compliance testing and required maintenance checks

If you have any queries that cannot be answered via our website information guides, please contact our office on 07 3806 0699 Monday to Friday 6.30-3pm.  If you experience problems relating to possible electrical defects, please adhere to the builder’s policy on these matters.  

We invite you to download the   Spectrum Electrical App and like us on   Face Book to receive safety updates, special offers and our monthly newsletter. If you would like any electrical installation work completed in the future, we look forward to servicing your electrical needs in the near future (Webshop).

Brett Muller


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